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SXI to operate & promote ISRL
(Official English Press Release)

SXI to operate & promote ISRL
(Official Hindi Press Release)

SXI to operate & promote ISRL
(Official Marathi Press Release)

India to have its own Supercross Racing League as SXI bags the exclusive rights from FMSCI

– The Print

Barodian set to launch supercross racing league as Veer Patel collaborates with Eeshan Lokhande to lead SXI’s initiative

– Times of India

The Federation of Motorsports Clubs of India (FMSCI) grants exclusive rights to SXI for the first-ever ISRL

–  Mumbai Times

Indian Supercross Racing League set to thrill Indian and international bikers with a unique experience

– Economic India

SXI, with exclusive rights for India’s first supercross league given by FMSCI, is ready to put India on the global map

– Financial Telegraph