Our Journey

It starts here

Veer, a Go Karting champion in the cadet class, shifts to Supercross Racing – aged of 13

Eeshan, a top-level tennis player, switches to supercross racing to feel the adrenalin rush.

The bold choice

Eeshan starts racing on a borrowed bike, an RX 100 from Rahul Karle, who is part of the core team today. Veer, around the same time, jumps on an RX 100 to explore the thrill himself.

Eeshan’s brother and a passionate sportsman, Aashwin uses all his experience from coaching and management to shape Eeshan as a top-level supercross athlete.

The Meeting

Veer comes to Pune to hone his skills at motocross and supercross. Eeshan, having trained under Paul Bloomfield in Australia, was already racing and the duo meet for the first time.

This begins training, practice and racing sessions together, kickstarting a lifelong friendship.

Off the blocks

It’s the first year of racing together as Rahul Karle joins the duo as their Chief Mechanic and Aashwin continues with his unprecedented support to Eeshan and Veer. Veer decides to continue to race with Eeshan as part of Team Privateer, instead of joining a factory team.

They go on to become the Winners of the Gulf National Dirt Track Championships. Eeshan goes on to race the Asian Nations of Motocross for Team India in this year.

The first leap

The passion to race grows as and the duo train together and put in fantastic performances at national championship events across India

Eeshan races in Dubai at the DBX Nationals and Veer goes to the USA to train with world champion Donnie Hansen.

Champions of India

The first-ever Privateer Team, led by Veer and Eeshan, wins the National Supercross Championship. Veer becomes the Youngest National Champion in the history of supercross in the country.

The Team has Neesha, Aashwin & Rahul as the backbone, and are crowned Champions in Pune, at the last round of the season.

Off the gird

Veer goes on to win his second National Championship during this period before deciding to move on to his family business of real estate & hospitality, Lilleria Group in Gujarat.

Eeshan becomes the first Indian to race and train with a International Motocross team and calls it a day after returning from his endeavours in Europe.

Racers Turned Promoters

Veer continues to support the sport, while enhancing his real estate business.

Eeshan and Aashwin foray into promoting Supercross in India with a vision to change the way the sport was organised. They organise the first-ever Pune Invitational Supercross with a League format at a local level. This kickstarts the dream of bringing back the glory of the sport to India.

Building a legacy

The team successfully completes the 3rd Edition of the Pune Supercross

The Inception

Lilleria Motorsports buys in to the Pune Supercross with a Race Team of their own.

An ambitious Supercross Festival is organised in Pune over 3 days to gauge people’s response.

The team starts discussing a pan-India league format to take the sport forward.

The Consolidation

Lilleria Motorsports participates for a 2nd time in the Pune Supercross to continue its support

The league plan is conceptualised at a very basic level. As the 5th edition of Pune Supercross is staged successfully.

A new track

Fully invested in the sport by now, Veer, Eeshan & Aashwin decide to take the invitational concept to new dirt fields. The success of Vadodara Supercross adds to the confidence of planning and conceptualization for the League.


Supercross India Private Limited is formed with focus on conceptualising and operating the Indian Supercross Racing League

Competitors to friends and family Eeshan, Aashwin & Veer join hands to bring back the glory to supercross in India.


Supercross India receives exclusive commercial rights from the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India.

The journey to take Supercross across India, in its full glory, well and truly begins.